It’s Car Care Month: Enjoy These 10 Fun Facts

October is Car Care Month!

The fall is the ideal time to remind vehicle owners that the change in weather is a good time to give your car a checkup.

Not only do you want to make sure your vehicle is safe, you also want it to run as efficiently as possible, too.

Enjoy these fun facts for Car Care Month!

  1. Maintaining correct tire pressure can boost your fuel efficiency by 10%.
  2. The first automobile was built in 1668 by Ferdinand Verbiest. It was two feet long and powered by steam.
  3. Cleaning out your trunk of unnecessary cargo can preserve your brakes, rotors, and other brake parts. Extra weight adds stress to these parts and can also affect how quickly your vehicle is able to stop.
  4. Windshield wipers were invented by Mary Anderson in 1905. She came up with the idea after she watched snow accumulate on trolley cars.
  5. Replacing old spark plugs can increase fuel efficiency. You’ll be doing the environment a favor, too!
  6. Abraham Lincoln can help you determine if your tires need to be replaced. It’s true! Use a penny to check the tread depth of your tires. Place the penny in one of the grooves with Honest Abe’s head facing down. Can you see the top of his head? If so, it’s time to replace your tires.
  7. Phone chargers and tablets can drain your vehicle’s battery. Make sure to unplug them when you turn your car off.
  8. The “W” in your oil type stands for “winter.” The preceding number is an indication of how well the oil will pump when the temperatures are cold. The higher the number, the colder the temperature the oil is indicated for.
  9. In the years leading up to 1991, Americans were subject to a quarantine should they come into contact with an extraterrestrial vehicle or driver. Title 14, Section 1211 of the Code of Federal Regulations says so.
  10. If your car’s alignment is off by even 1/100th of an inch, your tires can wear out more quickly than they should. This can happen by normal wear and tear, including hitting potholes and curbs.

Give your vehicle some TLC this month

This October, take the opportunity to give your car the maintenance it needs to be safe on the road and to run efficiently, saving you money and a whole lot of trouble!

Call us at Conrad’s to set up your fall maintenance appointment today!

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